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Who Are We?

LaBARK Place is a dog daycare and overnight for dogs that  need  socialization, more exercise, or just need a little extra love.   We're primarily a kennel free facility and we are truly passionate about your dog"s".  We will give them a one-of-a-kind experience whether it's our daycare, overnights, senior lounge or butler service treatment where they will be with one of our trusted employees to accommodate their special needs.  Ask about our pick up and delivery service. 

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My Story

Rene LaBar, founder of LaBarker Lounge, began her journey fostering dogs in April of 2021.  It started during Covid when she and her daughter decided to foster dogs as an attempt to do something good in a dark time.  Little did she know that she would foster 27 dogs.  This consisted of neglected, abused, severely allergic and medically challenged dogs.  She even found one to call her own and her son named him Elmer.  He was 2 weeks old when she started fostering him and he has become a big part of this journey.  She had witnessed first hand the challenges correlating to owners required to go back to work, and offering the time required for these pandemic dogs who had been so used to their owners being home.  There was a realization that they had become accustom to more exercise and attention after they had to go back to work.  She also didn't want to leave out the seniors who couldn't keep up with the younger dog's energy; they still needed everyday daycare needs and exercise as well but maybe not at the same level as some of the younger dogs.  After the amazing feeling of rehoming these dogs and loving the experience she decided to make this a career. Welcome to LaBarker Lounge!


We want your experience to be as seamless and exciting as possible. Please contact us with any questions.


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