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Our playtime daycare is a kennel free service and offers indoor and outdoor play time.  Your pets will be able to roam free and socialize with friends under the supervision of our staff and will be separated into large and small dogs or according to temperament.

Butler service

Our butler service is truly a unique experience that we are excited to offer.  If you choose this service your dog will receive royal treatment.  This includes around the clock attention and one on one time with a member of our staff.  They will have the choice to sample any of the offered rooms of their choice, or cuddle up with staff for the day.

Senior Lounge

Our Senior Lounge is just for seniors (ages 6+) who are low energy and dog friendly.  There will be comfy couches to lounge in with the assistance of steps, (our facility is stair free) oldies music and movie experiences.  There will be an option to mingle with the daycare dogs if requested by the owner. 


Our overnights offer luxury boarding or kennel free stays. Your dog can overnight in our limited dog rooms with spacious suites or overnight in our senior lounge kennel free.  The senior lounge is perfect for a family of dogs that were used to being together. 

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